I am Cecil A. Ince, 44 year old who was raised here in Greene County, My family is four generations of Greene County residents. I attended elementary school, Junior High, and High School here in Springfield. I possess an associates degree in preforming arts. I am a Father of a son who also lives her and who graduated high school from Glendale. My commitment to our community is strong, I have volunteered doing so much to help our neighbors and our community. From street cleanups, to efforts working with the homeless. I see so much that needs to done and see where our county government has fallen short. Issues from the jail over crowded to the increased homeless population, to the increase in real and personal property taxes. I see the burdens and I have experienced them first hand.

I have owned a few businesses here in Greene county and am currently working on a new start-up.

My faith in God is a strong as my passion for individual liberty. I respect the differences of others and my friends all represent many different beliefs.

I am a father of young man with autism who is trying to work and go to college. and I help care for my elderly mother who is a home owner and she is on a fixed income, she struggles to pay her real estate property taxes every year. I deal with the solving of these issues in my daily life, I have dedicated myself to helping others and being a dependable resource for them.

I have been a committed member of the Greene County Libertarian Party since 1996 and am fortunate to have seen the growth and dedication of our party members. To have been apart of one of our members having been elected to Springfield City County. We have participated in adopt-a-street on west Norton Road and we have hosted a both at the Ozark Empire Fair in the E-Plex. I currently am serving as the Treasurer of the Greene County Libertarian Party, and I am the Missouri Libertarian Party Vice Chair. Here in Greene County I have worked as a poll worker for every election since 2016.

I am currently an appointed member of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Special Education Advisory Panel.

I hope to see one day, the taxes burdens on people eliminate but at the current state of government such drastic actions would be an economic upheaval. Until then paving the road to that happy destiny it what I will do. From writing drift bills that I have gotten in the hands of state representative to amend current property tax laws, to running for office where I can be of serve to people and work to reduce the current tax burdens.

I belief in government transparency and will work to reduce the taxes burdens on Greene county residence. I would like to see more businesses, hospitals and transportation companies come to Greene county. I want to see our roads improve to the highest standard, and I want to help reduce homelessness and unemployment.

I will honor my commitments and hole myself as a servant to the people of the eastern Greene County. I will represent all regardless of political affiliations.

Cecil A. Ince