Meet Cecil

Cecil Ince hopes to serve the people of Greene County on the county commission, representing the 2nd district. Cecil is a proud resident of Greene County. Representing the Greene County Libertarian Party as a committeeman, the Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Greene County, and the Vice Chair of the Missouri Libertarian Party. Cecil has gratefully served as a Libertarian election judge since 2016. 

Over many years our county has faced several issues from our county jail to the ethics of county advertising for a tax increase. Cecil stands for integrity, transparency and accountability in government by supporting a county charter and reducing taxes in Greene county. Cecil supports regulations on government, reducing or eliminating the burdens of an outdated tax system, and finding solution to issues in a bi-partisan effort to reduce the size of government. 

With the never-ending cycle of taxes and road maintenance, Cecil will search for viable alternatives for capital improvements to our county roads that will reduce spending and create jobs for the private sector. Cecil will work to open Greene county to new business and to find solutions to reduce or remove barriers that effect individual social and economic liberties. 

In 2016, Cecil ran against Lincoln Hough for Associate County Commissioner District 2. Cecil Received over 21% of the vote. Hough having won then sought office in the Missouri State Senate leaving his commission seat vacant. Governor Mike Parson then appointed John C. Russell to fill the unexpired term left by the vacancy of Lincoln Hough. Cecil is seeking to serve Greene County once again, pledging that if elected he will not vacate his seat to seek another office before his term expires.

Cecil holds an Associate’s degree in acting from KD Collage in Dallas, TX. Cecil attended Glendale high school and has family roots in Greene County going back several generations. Cecil is a father and values family. Cecil Has lived and worked in Greene County almost all his life.