The 2020 budget is up about 45 million dollar from 2019, the Total amount for the 2020 budget is 234 million dollars. That is a lot of government spending that the taxes payers will have to pay for.

As County Commissioner, I will work to reduce the amount of government spending. I will not vote for any budget unless I have first read the fiscal reports for the proposed budget.

The cost of many things is county government is an expensive price tag. While I personal would prefer that we reduce many areas to the minimum, or eliminate many thing entirely, to be realistic will not happen. I will however, work to reduce spending in the most feasible way possible.


The issue of the jail over crowding has been an ongoing issue and many west of Springfield out by the airport. While that may be a great solution, which may add to other unknown issues, there will be an addition to getting offenders to the court. That most likely will be via CCTV. Personally, I oppose the new jail. I believe a more common since approach to the problem like book and release of non-violent offenders, and stop housing municipal offenders. I do not agree with the agreement with the city of Springfield. The burden on tax payers and the 234 Million dollar budget are enough to oppose this.


The roads in Greene County…some make say we have the best roads in the state, while others would say they suck. The high cost of re-paving and maintenance is a continuing tax burden. With new technologies in the road paving industry, why not implement a cost effect and low maintenance system. I will seek out new technologies and work to cut the county budget for roads.


The increase in real and personal property taxes in enough to be concerning, with the increased homeless population, we worry about our relatives on fixed incomes who struggle every year with paying their property taxes. I understand this worry for our loved ones and I will fight to reduces the tax burdens.